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Manufacturing with 20 years of experience in the industrial sector,  and making a merit of providing quality service to its customers, Safos Group has also entered the natural gas pipe clamp sector Trd. Ltd. Sofas Group has acquired the company and has taken its place among the leading companies in this sector with its serious investment.

Sofas Clamp Ind. Trd. Ltd. Co. ?zkan Demircan, Chairman of the Board of Directors stated that they have brought a new breath to the clamp sector and as a manufacturer, they have reached a wide marketing network in a short time with the high-quality product and good service understanding. Sofa? Clamp refers its success in marketing to being a manufacturer company and reaching the domestic and international markets, fully understanding the needs of its customers and producing in line with the needs of its customers. 

Developing the spirit of teamwork by providing more effective participation of trained personnel in the management system who apply teamwork and have occupational health and safety practicing.

Improving our performance by continuously educating the employees on the issues of occupational health and safety and environmental cleanliness and by reviewing our management system

Believing in the necessity of unconditional customer satisfaction with our educated personnel, our company aimed to define quality management and environmental pollution risks and potential dangers in the working environment and to be a pioneer and an example in our sector by continuously improving our systems.

Throughout our entire production chain, from procurement of raw materials to customer delivery, it is in effective communication with relevant circles at all stages.
Our goal is to increase the quality of products and services in the sector in this competitive global  environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
- How can we trust the quality of your products?

Our company offers the best quality service and safe products in this matter, sir.

- Do you issue any guarantee about your products?

All of our products are guaranteed and of high-quality, sir.

- Do you wholesale the clamps?

Yes, all our sales are wholesale.

- Which provinces in Turkey do you ship?

We're shipping to all corners of Turkey.

- How many countries are you active in?

We are active in 26 countries. You can communicate for details.