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Clamps with nut are used for fixing pipes by mounting to wall, ceiling or floor.

Fixing of the clamp with nut is made using rot - steel dowels.

With EPDM insulation rubber, it dampens the vibration in the system and provides a sound reduction of up to 15 dB.

It is resistant to corrosion with its zinc coating in the 15-20 micron range and to DIN 53509 conditions with its special rubber.
(To water, glycols, acids and bases)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
- How can we trust the quality of your products?

Our company offers the best quality service and safe products in this matter, sir.

- Do you issue any guarantee about your products?

All of our products are guaranteed and of high-quality, sir.

- Do you wholesale the clamps?

Yes, all our sales are wholesale.

- Which provinces in Turkey do you ship?

We're shipping to all corners of Turkey.

- How many countries are you active in?

We are active in 26 countries. You can communicate for details.